Microlog works closely with your organization to develop solutions, which address unique needs, including:

  • Patient and care-taker communications
  • Timely appointment and medication reminders
  • Prescription renewal for standard and controlled substances
  • Patient verification and segmentation for communications and outreach
  • Vaccination and other health campaign management

Patient and Care-Taker Engagement: Support communications among patient, service providers, and insurance companies to align and improve patient care delivery. Use Microlog’s built-in capabilities to support patient care portal communications. In addition, Microlog integrates with your existing patient communications portal or other communications platform.

Patient Appointment System (PAS™): Streamline patient appointment-making tasks with automated caller check-in capability, before connecting patient to a live attendant. Automate interactive appointment confirmation communications via phone, text, and email.

Wellness Management Suite (WMS™): Engage patients in their health care with Wellness Management Suite™ in support of managed care health screening requirements, such as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and other performance measures the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMM) requires. Wellness Management Suite™ offers capabilities to help provider organizations stay in compliance with CMM patient care management, including:

  • Segment patient populations for targeted communications, according to specific parameters. For example, health condition, date, health goal, age group, type of screening required, medication alert, and more.
  • Remind patient of health screenings. Use Wellness Management Suite™ built-in health screening campaigns or customize your own.
  • Manage patient communications preferences.
  • Issue special notifications, including flu clinics and routine mammograms.

Automated Prescription Refill System (APRS®): Build patient engagement with prescription medication reorder capabilities on the web or by phone. In addition, send prescription delivery/pick up reminders. Automated Prescription Refill System (APRS®) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the web or by phone.


Patient Driven Results System (PDRS™): Deliver specified routine laboratory and radiology test results to patients using automated communications. Patient Driven Results System™ enables you to manage and segment medical test results data, and develop a message delivery list for each communications campaign. Leverage automated managed communications to obtain productivity gains for routine test results distribution.


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