Deliver timely, personalized, high quality communications to large volumes of customers. A seamless to adopt tool, TeleReminder™ offers the following attributes to strengthen your operations and customer experience communications strategy:

  • User Friendly. Access TeleReminder™ via the Web anytime, anywhere, and as often as needed to schedule automated outbound communications months and years in advance.

  • Flexible. Customize time and message content. Personalize your message to engage your customer base. Enjoy multiple individual user accounts within your organization for greater customization.

  • Robust. Select the preferred communication method for any individual recipient. Leverage phone, email SMS text message, and fax communications options to deliver specific and relevant information to your customers.

  • Productivity Booster. Automate repetitive outbound customer contact, such as reminders, appointment confirmations, wellness campaigns, blood drives, medication and proactive health care reminders, controlled substance prescription reminders. Freeing your internal resources from recurring customer messaging supports your organization’s growth.

  • Low-Cost Alternative. Benefit from cost savings with no hardware or software installation required. Experience operational continuity and savings to your bottom line.

  • Strategic Campaign Manager. Empower your team to manage marketing, payment reminders, health care reminders, risk management, and other communications campaigns via a web based, easy to adopt and flexible user interface. Make changes to your communications campaign real-time.

  • Reporting Strength. Measure and optimize your communications campaigns. View summary and detail reporting at the enterprise or account level. Achieve up to the minute or post-campaign results visibility through built-in or customized reports that display real-time or post-campaign information in line with your strategic goals.